Alan Powell is a celebrated and published designer located seventy miles north of Santa Fe, in the beautiful foothills of Taos, New Mexico.

Known for his striking heirloom furniture, cabinetry, carefully crafted woodwork, and highly refined sustainable and renewable designs, Powell’s artistic contributions can be found throughout the United States. Experienced in all phases of design services, Powell’s knowledge extends from creative renovation and restoration, to LEED Certified home designs and consultation. He emphasizes clear and logical solutions, which are as innovative as they are eco-conscious. The unsurpassed caliber of Powell’s designs is a testament to his core conservation values and his impassioned dedication to the protection of our natural resources.

New-Mexico-LEED-Professional  Alan Powell

Certified LEED Professional
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Hand Tools Are Used Thruout The Process

Moving Parts Require A Great Deal of Attention

Shop Machinery And Templates Provide Very Tight Tolerances

Shop Machinery And Templates Provide Very Tight Tolerances

Hand Tools Often Are The Final Detail